Al-Radin’s integrated security solution combines Mobotix cameras,
Microsens networking, and Scylla AI analytics to create a comprehensive
and tailored system

Mobotix Cameras

Known for their high-resolution and versatile surveillance capabilities, Mobotix cameras are ideal for healthcare settings. They provide clear, detailed imagery essential for monitoring sensitive areas such as patient rooms, pharmacies, and restricted zones. The cameras can be used for general security, patient safety, and ensuring compliance with health protocols.

Microsens Networking Solutions

In a healthcare environment, reliable and fast network connectivity is crucial. Microsens networking solutions offer robust and secure data transmission, ensuring that critical medical data and real-time surveillance feeds are always accessible. Their systems can handle the high bandwidth requirements of modern healthcare facilities, supporting telemedicine, remote monitoring, and other digital health applications.

Scylla AI Analytics

Scylla’s advanced AI analytics add a layer of smart surveillance. Features like anomaly detection, behavior analysis, and even health-related incident alerts (such as fall detection) enhance patient safety and security. In emergency situations, Scylla’s AI can provide rapid alerts, helping to ensure timely responses from medical staff.