Oil & Gas

Al-Radin’s integrated security solution for industrial plants, particularly in the Oil & Gas sector,
effectively combines Mobotix thermal cameras, Microsens robust switches, and Scylla AI analytics

Mobotix Thermal Cameras

These cameras provide advanced thermal imaging for detecting temperature anomalies, crucial in preventing hazards. Their high-resolution imagery is essential for detailed monitoring in various environmental conditions, making them indispensable for comprehensive surveillance.

Microsens Networking Solutions

Specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, these robust switches ensure reliable and high-speed data transmission, vital for real-time monitoring and effective communication in industrial settings.

Scylla AI Analytics

Scylla’s AI modules include advanced features like fire & smoke detection, PPE compliance monitoring, and slip & fall detection, providing an extra layer of safety and operational efficiency. This intelligent analysis is key for proactive risk management and enhancing overall security measures.

Together, these technologies offer a holistic approach to security, combining high-quality surveillance, durable connectivity, and smart analytics to ensure the safety and efficiency of industrial operations in the challenging Oil & Gas sector.