Scylla AI is dedicated to empowering the private security industry with next-generation AI solutions.
The company’s core values include discipline, collaboration, and teamwork,
guiding its mission to make safety more accessible.

Ethical Commitment

Scylla AI emphasizes ethical use of AI in its products. The company focuses on building balanced datasets to eliminate bias in face recognition and strictly adheres to privacy laws, ensuring that personal data is not stored. They also commit to not selling software for unethical purposes.

Technological Innovations

Scylla AI’s technology is centered on real-time physical threat detection, using advanced video analytics. They have developed a range of AI-powered solutions, including gun detection, object tracking, perimeter intrusion detection, anomaly detection, drone security, and more.

AI-Powered Video Analytics Applications

Their technology serves various industries, such as school security, retail, energy, healthcare, sports venues, and airports. Scylla AI solutions adapt to different operational needs, offering tailored security enhancements.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Scylla AI’s product line includes solutions like face recognition, effective false alarm filtering, traffic flow analysis, and access control. Each solution is designed to meet specific security challenges in diverse settings.

Client Support and Resources

Scylla AI provides extensive support and resources, including trial downloads, VMS resources, software activation, and FAQs. They also offer educational content like webinars, podcasts, and guides.

Global Presence and Recognition

Scylla AI has established itself as a leading provider of AI-based security solutions, trusted by various organizations worldwide. Their innovative approach has garnered significant recognition in the security industry.

Future Direction and Expansion

Looking ahead, Scylla AI is committed to advancing its AI technology and expanding its range of solutions. The company’s dedication to ethical practices and continuous innovation positions it for ongoing growth in the security sector.