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Ecosystem Champions: Our Tech Collaborations

At the center of what we do, we bring together top-notch technology partners. This mix of advanced tools helps us create custom solutions that make things easier, improve how things work, and spark new ideas in various industries and areas, especially in keeping things safe.


Al-Radin is a distinguished distributor of Cathexis in the GCC region, offering cutting-edge smart video management solutions. Cathexis, a renowned software developer and electronics manufacturer, specializes in crafting innovative video management software and AI solutions. With over 25 years of experience in developing security solutions, Cathexis has established itself as a global leader. Embracing a customer-centric ethos, Cathexis prioritizes responsiveness, providing exceptional support and products known for their longevity. Their flagship offering, CathexisVision, is a comprehensive VMS solution designed to enhance security and operational efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and seamless management of multiple sites and third-party integrations, CathexisVision epitomizes effective innovation and reliability.

Flow Systems

Al-Radin is a leading distributor of Flow Systems Manufacturers’ cutting-edge access control solutions for people and vehicles across the UAE. With over four decades of expertise, Flow Systems Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd has been designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing a comprehensive array of high-quality access control barriers since its establishment in 1975. Specializing in access control, they offer innovative, robust, and aesthetically pleasing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clientele. From prestigious revolving doors and high-security booths to industrial turnstiles and vehicle barriers, their product range encompasses manual and automatic options, all crafted to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Integrated with various control mechanisms including remotes, push buttons, and advanced biometric technologies such as facial recognition, fingerprint readers, and palm and vein scanners, their solutions offer unparalleled security and convenience. Operating in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, Flow Systems Manufacturers ensures consistent quality and customer satisfaction in every product they deliver.


Al-Radin is delighted to offer Microsense solutions, a leading figure in the fiber optic technology domain. Microsense’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in their diverse product portfolio, including FTTO solutions, industrial switches, and smart building solutions.

Their products are renowned for their high availability in challenging environments and advanced fiber optic technology, ensuring reliability and flexibility for modern networks. With tailored solutions for various sectors and comprehensive customer support services, Microsense meets the specific needs of each industry. Their global presence and ongoing focus on research and development position Microsense for continued growth and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of network technology.


Al-Radin proudly offers Mobotix solutions, a pioneering force in the video surveillance industry since its establishment in 1999. Mobotix revolutionized the field with their decentralized edge approach, setting new standards and committing to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’. Their product range includes outdoor and indoor cameras, thermal cameras, and the Mobotix Move series, all known for their versatility and customization. Unique selling points include high-quality German-made products, decentralized operation for cost savings and enhanced cybersecurity, and a commitment to environmental protection with their Green IP Video initiative. Mobotix’s cameras find applications across various industries and are supported by extensive training and professional services. Their focus on innovation and quality ensures a promising future in the video surveillance industry.

RBH Access

Al-Radin proudly distributes RBH Access products in the UAE, leveraging RBH’s decades-long expertise in electronic access control. Known for its commitment to innovation, quality, integrity, and value, RBH Access Technologies has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge security management systems since 1995. Based in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, RBH serves customers in over 100 countries and 15 languages. Their robust controllers and diverse identification devices, including proximity, biometric, and long-range readers, are renowned for their reliability and adaptability to harsh environments. By partnering with RBH, Al-Radin ensures the delivery of advanced, high-quality security solutions to their clients in the UAE.


Al-Radin is a pioneering distributor of cutting-edge security solutions in the UAE, specializing in the distribution of Scylla, a revolutionary real-time physical threat detection system. Leveraging advanced AI and computer vision technologies, Scylla excels in detecting objects, actions, and behavioral anomalies, setting a new standard in private security. Committed to accessibility and innovation, Scylla’s mission aligns with Al-Radin’s ethos of empowering the security industry with next-gen solutions. From weapon and object detection to behavior recognition and facial recognition, Scylla’s AI-powered suite enhances every aspect of security infrastructure. With seamless integration capabilities and cost-effective solutions, Scylla ensures a comprehensive approach to security, making safety more accessible to all. Al-Radin’s partnership with Scylla signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in safeguarding communities across the GCC region.


Specializing in ALPR and OCR technologies, VAXTOR collaborates closely with certified resellers and technology partners to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to various sectors including Parking, Access Control, Security, Traffic and Tolling, Law Enforcement, and Smart Cities. With a formidable presence across three continents, VAXTOR ensures seamless sales and technical support, vital for projects demanding round-the-clock assistance. Boasting a 100% in-house development team solely dedicated to ALPR and OCR products since 2016, VAXTOR continues to lead the charge in innovation, consistently introducing groundbreaking advancements. Al-Radin’s partnership with VAXTOR underscores a shared commitment to excellence, offering clients unrivaled technology solutions complemented by steadfast support, further solidifying VAXTOR’s position as an esteemed industry trailblazer.


Al-Radin is a trusted distributor of Velasea products in the UAE, offering cutting-edge solutions in physical security, retail analytics, computer vision, and AI integration. Velasea stands out as a premier full-service OEM system builder, renowned for its expertise in handling intricate integrations for a diverse range of technology partners and system integrators. Whether it’s configuring ultra-compact setups or hyper-converged systems, Velasea excels in delivering solutions tailored to meet the demands of challenging and dynamic environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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