Since its inception in 1999, Mobotix has been a pioneer in the video surveillance industry.
With a revolutionary decentralized edge approach introduced by their first IP camera,
they have set new standards in the field. Their mission to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’ encapsulates
a commitment to leveraging video surveillance as a platform for innovative solutions in various sectors.

Product Range and Technological Innovation

Mobotix offers a wide range of products, including outdoor and indoor cameras, thermal cameras, and the Mobotix Move series. They are known for MOBOTIX 7, their versatile and customizable platform, and MOBOTIX CLOUD, which expands their surveillance capabilities. Their cameras are IoT devices with intelligent analytics and embedded storage, emphasizing the company’s approach as a manufacturer of smart video systems rather than just cameras.

Unique Selling Points

Mobotix stands out for its high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ products, assembled by hand in Langmeil. Their decentralized concept allows for significant savings on computing power and costs, as each camera operates independently without the need for central recording systems. This approach also enhances cybersecurity, as all data is encrypted within the camera itself.

Industry Applications

Mobotix cameras find applications across various industries including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation, government, education, and more. Their versatility and high-quality imaging make them suitable for diverse environments and requirements.

Environmental Commitment

Mobotix demonstrates a commitment to environmental protection with their Green IP Video initiative. Their energy-efficient systems are designed to minimize energy consumption, reflecting a growing global consciousness about environmental impact.

Training and Professional Services

Mobotix offers extensive training and professional services to ensure clients make the most of their systems. They provide a range of services from installation to long-term system operation, backed by a strong network of partners.

Awards and Recognition

Mobotix’s journey is marked by significant achievements and recognition in the field of video surveillance technology. Their innovative approach and high-quality products have earned them accolades and a reputation as a leader in the industry.

Future Outlook

Looking forward, Mobotix continues to focus on innovation, integrating new technologies, and expanding their offerings. With a philosophy that emphasizes quality, flexibility, reliability, and cybersecurity, Mobotix is well-positioned to continue leading in the video surveillance industry.